Jenny Mclean Royal Excellency Bath Towel

Bath Linen

No one likes the experience of drying off with stiff, coarse towels. These inferior products have been made from cheap fabrics and bad cotton-blends. They become rough after their first washing cycle, end up moult and fading.

The Royal Excellency Bath Towel evokes the experience of the Taj Mahal. It’s big, fluffy and highly absorbent. This towel is made from 100% Egyptian cotton, which is this most robust and highly-priced cotton. It feels soft on skin but can be washed hundreds of times without wearing thin.

The GSM count is what makes this towel so soft and luxurious. At 600 GSM, it’s up there with the thickest and richest of fabrics. It’s made for extravagance, but with a faster drying time than some other high-end bath towels.

Choose from vibrant or neutral tones.


-100% Egyptian Cotton for extreme softness

-600 GSM gives you rich heavyweight towelling

-Beautiful velvet border

-Machine washable